Yale Security YRL-210-ZW-619 Electronic Push Button Lever Review 2016

Yale Security YRL-210-ZW-619 Real Living Electronic Push Button Lever Door Lock with Z-Wave

With the development and advancement of technology, security has been enhanced. The door locks are developed with a digital system, while they still use the traditional method of opening them. The Yale Security YRL-210-ZW-619 Electronic Push Button Lever Door Lock is one of the advanced door locks. This product is developed along with a set of wireless home control or the home security systems. This lock is compatible with any door, meaning that it will be installed in your home or business. The lock will need you to enter a customized code that will activates lights, disarm the security system, as well as alter the thermostat. You can know when anyone is leaving or entering the house, through the door that has the lock installed. This lock will secure your house and it allows you to have full control of the security system.

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Authorized persons, like the family members will have a direct access to the house and they can also have access to the special features of the lock. The settings can be customized for up to 250 users. The features can be accessed by inserting the codes through a touch screen. This can be accessed remotely through the internet or within the home. You can adjust the lock with the master code key. This can be set on the menu. The deadbolt of the touchscreen is managed with a voice prompts that are narrated. This are meant to guide you via the menu options. For that, you do not need the manual. When you insert the correct code, you will open the lever like the normal door.

• Push button display. The push button display is illuminated to allow you to enter the code even in the dark.
• There is a warning when the battery is low.
• The lock comes with a complete 128 bit encryption system for advanced security.
• The product also comes with a motorized for precise remote accessibility.
• It has a maximum of 25 individual access.
• It also comes with a maximum of 250 users, along with a control system.
• It has a privacy feature that restrict entry to anyone else, but you. This helps to enhance the security.
• It also doesn’t need the four AA batteries, so there is no need for wiring.
• The lock is also installed with a Tamper Alarm.
The Yale Security YRL-210-ZW-619 Electronic Push Button Lever Door Lock is an ideal option that allows you to have a secure system in your life.

• It comes with more than 4-digit code, so you can be sure of using codes that cannot be guessed.
• It allows 250 users to use different codes.
• It comes with a warranty of one year.
• The lock can be controlled remotely over the internet.

• It works with a motor to unlock, which can be somewhat slower.
• When the battery is low, it can be ineffective and some functions might not be available.

In general, this lock is a reliable unit that is easy to use, and you will not need the manual to know how it works. With the illuminated touch screen, you can be sure of having a safe system that keeps your house secure.

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