Yale Security YRD240-ZW-0BP Keyless Touch Screen Deadbolt Review 2016

Yale Security YRD240-ZW-0BP Real Living Electronic Keyless Touch Screen Deadbolt Fully Motorized with Z-Wave Technology

Gone are those days when you have to carry the bunch of keys with you while going out. Chances were high to loss them and stay locked out unless you get a reliable locksmith. Keyless lock is one of the latest technologies by the help of which one can lock the door. If you are looking for such an electronic keyless touch screen lock, then Yale Security YRD240-ZW-0BP Keyless Touch Screen Deadbolt is the best one. It is fully motorized with the new Z-Wave Technology. This is a great lock for the home owners to lock and secure their house without any tension.

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Features Of This Keyless Lock

There are some great features of this lock which makes this lock highly beneficial for any home owners. Here is the list of the features and details –


– Transitional Design: The transitional design of the keyless lock complements any types of doors. You do not have to change the door or the frame to set the lock.

– Hassle free: As you do not have to use keys to unlock the door as well as you do not have to rekey the lock again and again, the work has become more hassle free. You do not have to waste much time to take out your keys and then unlock.

– Privacy Mode: With the help of the privacy mode you can lock out all the codes. Thus, no one can enter your house or room when you are having a private meeting with someone or want to spend some lone time without any disturbances.

– Different languages: The vocal instruction feature is really great and you do not have to search for the manual instructions. The vocal instructions are available in 3 different languages – English, Spanish and French.

– Durable: This Yale Security YRD240-ZW-0BP Keyless Touch Screen Deadbolt is highly durable and the touch screen can resist against any kind of weather, be it sunny, snowy or rainy.

– Alarms: You will get an interference alarm if the code attempted is wrong or if any intruder tries to tamper the lock. This increases the security level of the lock.



– No hassle of keying the lock and carry keys with you.

– Very easy to use. By just following the instructions and putting the right code you can unlock.

– Auto relocking function is there and you can even disable that just by pressing a single button.

– High quality design with 3 different colors will add beauty to your door. This looks elegant and stylish too.

– Easy to install within a minute just with the help of the screw driver.

– You can adjust the volume of this lock as well according to your preferences and ability.



– You will have to check once whether the door is locked by pushing it as it doesn’t have a sensor plate to detect and give a sound after the lock is successful.

– The Yale Security YRD240-ZW-0BP Keyless Touch Screen Deadbolt closes due to autolock system even if the door is wide open as it thinks the door is closed.

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