Smart Doorbell with Camera, Enhancing Home Security

More than a million home invasions occur every year, these home invasions occur mostly when nobody is at home. Technology has made it possible to view whatever is taking place at your home without you being present physically. A smart doorbell with a camera is a doorbell with an inbuilt camera, a microphone and a speaker. The smart doorbell links to the smartphone remotely through a mobile application. With a smart doorbell with a camera, you can see whatever is taking place in your home through your smartphone.

Features of a Smart Doorbell With Camera

The smart doorbell boasts of a one-way HD camera with night vision. The camera can capture high-quality pictures of up to 1080p and allows 5x zoom. The videos load easily on a smartphone independent if you are using Wi-Fi or cellular network. The camera has a wide-angle lens that enables you to view a wider area. The night vision makes all the events occurring closer to your door clear to view when it is dark. The camera uses cloud storage to store the recorded videos. These videos can be downloaded on the smartphones using the mobile application that manages the doorbell.

The doorbell has a microphone and speaker that makes it easier to communicate with the person knocking on your door. The microphone also helps in the recording of audio during the cloud video recording. This enables you to listen to any communication that might have taken place during video recording.

It has motion sensors that enable it to detect any movement in your home. If a person approaches your home and does not ring the bell, mobile alerts will be sent to your phone alerting you of the intrusion. Immediately you receive an alert, you can confirm what is taking place at your home and take security precautions in the case of a home invasion.

The mobile application serves as the link between the smart doorbell and the smartphone. The two are linked via the Wi-Fi network when you are at home. In areas where there is no Wi-Fi, the two are linked via a cellular network.

Why You Should Install a Smart Doorbell with Camera

The smart doorbell offers convenience. You can answer the door at your own comfort. In fact, you don’t have to stop what you are doing in case a visitor is at the door, with your smartphone you can communicate with the visitor.

The smart doorbell gives you peace of mind both when you are at home and not at home. With the ability to access recorded video remotely, you can check what is taking place at your home through your smartphone.

High-end smart doorbells with a camera have mobile applications that allow installation in more than one smartphone. This allows multiple users to receive alerts whenever somebody rings the doorbell. The same mobile application allows management of multiple smart doorbells at a specific time. You can allow other family members to receive these mobile alerts on their smartphones and manage some of the doorbells.

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