Reasons Why You Should Get a Wireless Doorbell in 2016

Is your door still making use of the traditional doorbells that have wires running physically in your home or office? It is about that time you should start embracing new and innovative technology that make use of wireless doorbells system. Radio transmission is used whereby the doorbell button uses a battery to power it. When a visitor is at your door front, he/she will just push the button and the transmission system will send its signal to a receiver that is normally inside the building where you will be alerted. Even though your old doorbell may still be functional, here are the main reasons why you should go for the wireless option;

Flexible in Nature

What will you do when you want to relocate your doorbell alarm from one room to another? In traditional case, changes in wiring will have to take place. With wireless doorbells that will not have to happen because all you have to do is to move the doorbell alarm from one point to another without any wiring involved. That is not all because there are doorbell alarms designed for all conditions. You can put it inside or outside the building with having the fear of it getting damaged. They can be weatherproof and this can allow you to hear a knock on your door from various places be it indoor or outdoor. How about when you are living in a rental house and you want to move? With these systems, you can never have to leave them behind since you can uninstall it on your own since no wiring is used.


What comes in your mind when you hear about wireless doorbells is that they might be beyond your reach in terms of price. That is never the case because they are available at a price that is just slightly higher than the traditional ones. In some cases you will also get those which have the same price mark as the wired one. Why should you escape from a modern doorbell that may cost a price different of maybe $10 from the old one? With its many benefits as you are going to see, it will be wise to purchase it.

Innovative Design

You will never run short of buying wireless doorbells because they do come in multiple of designs. Buyers are free to choose whatever they desire from simple to complex ones depending on how deep their pockets are.

No More Frequency Conflicts

Just like in the past in the past where wireless devices conflicted in terms of signal, the same case happened to these doorbells but not anymore. The frequencies available for these systems are high and that is why you will never complain that one of your wireless devices has conflicted with another. Long range has always been the need of many and that is no longer an issue. For example, if your main home is not near the gate and that is where the wireless doorbell button is, you will never have to worry because the signal transmission will make it to the receiver and you will hear the alarm without any interruption.


Long gone are the days when you had to miss most of your visitors. You could be living in the basement of your home which may proof impossible to hear the doorbell alarm because it’s on the ground or first floor. Thanks to wireless doorbells because they can be put in several places in your home. You can move it to the garage if you are doing some stuff and you don’t want to ignore your esteemed visitor.

Next time when you want to improve your home, wireless doorbells should never miss out. This is one of those innovations which even the elders can’t ignore because it’s simple but smart. It is a device you can find at your local dealer or you can order online. The above benefits should not be ignored by persons who want to pay a courtesy welcome to their guests. Let them not frown because you opened late or you didn’t at all. Time is now you should start shopping for the device and you will make your home an ample place not for the visitors alone but occupants to. The same case applies when you need to install it in a business premise or office.

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