Kwikset Signature Series 910 Z-Wave Traditional Deadbolt Review 2016

Kwikset Signature Series 910 Z-Wave Traditional Deadbolt

With advancements in technology, everything has moved to Smart Technology. We now have smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, smart cameras, and now we also have a smart lock system, the Kwikset Signature Series 910 Z-Wave Traditional Deadbolt. This is a smart lock system that allows you to monitor your door remotely. With this lock, you can do a lot as far as your security is concerned. The Z-Wave 910 has been engineered using Z-Wave™ wireless Technology that allows the lock to communicate with smart devices like smartphones, tablets or even internet enabled devices. Here is a review of the Kwikset 910 Signature Series Traditional Deadbolt with Z-Wave Satin Nickel.

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The Kwikset Signature Series 910 Z-Wave is just like an ordinary deadbolt when you look it from outside but it operates on a motorized system to enable remote operation. It has been carefully crafted in an elegant and classy design to match with any door types. It is available in 3 color options, Polished Brass, Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze. It fits 1-3/8in. – 2in standard doors and can be installed without necessarily drilling new screw holes.

The Z-Wave deadbolt boasts of a latch design for enhancing compatibility even with misaligned doors. With this deadbolt, you don’t need to worry even if your door is misaligned. This deadbolt features a great feature called BumpGuard that prevents lock bumping.

This Smart deadbolt allows users to remotely operate the lock using their smartphones, tablets and other compatible devices and is powered by 4 AA batteries. Users can remotely lock and unlock the doors from anywhere in the world. With this lock, you can check the lock status and receive notifications through your mail or text messages. It also has Home Connect Technology that allows you to issue commands to other things in the house for example security lights, thermostats, sensors and entertainment systems. The system also has a back up key that allows you to unlock and lock the door manually just like with ordinary deadbolts.


The Kwikset Signature Series 910 boasts of a number of features that make it among the best deadbolts in this range. These features include;

·Elegant design

·128-bit secure encryption

·Motor-driven deadbolt latch

·Turnkey back up

·Remote operation via Z-Wave Technology

·BumpGuard mechanism to prevent lock bumping


This deadbolt has a number of advantages. They include

·Enable users control the lock remotely

·Integration with other home systems

·Highly compatible with most doors

·Sends users notifications on the lock status and other important events

·Easy to install and requires no new screw holes

·Has a turnkey back up in case remote operation is impossible

·It is also available in 3 color options so you can choose the best color that matches your doors or walls.


Even though the Signature Series 910 has many advantages, the price tag is relatively high. But again, it guarantees your house’s security.

For maximum security, the Kwikset Signature Series 910 Z-Wave Traditional Deadbolt is just the best deal when it comes to Smart deadbolts. You can easily monitor your door remotely from your smartphone, tablet and other devices. It also comes with a backup turnkey just in case. Other features like integration with other home systems like security systems and lighting make it a very convenient smart system. Get it today and you are guaranteed maximum security.

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