Kwikset 99140-002 SmartCode 914 UL Deadbolt with SmartKey and Z-Wave Satin Nickel Review 2016

Kwikset 99140-002 SmartCode 914 UL Deadbolt with SmartKey and Z-Wave Satin Nickel

As the capabilities and sophistication of home automation and control continue to expand, consumers are demanding more from these products. In a bid to fulfill and exceed customer expectations for smarter home security solutions, Kwikset, a leading residential security solutions company, has launched the Kwikset 99140-002 SmartCode 914 UL Deadbolt with SmartKey and Z-Wave Satin Nickel, featuring home connect technology. This robust and superbly designed smart lock has a unique touchpad and an electronic-controlled, one-touch motorized deadbolt.

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when you buy this lock, you can use your personalized code to conveniently enter your home without a key, and the 11-button touchpad is back lit to enhance visibility. The smartcode touchpad is quite easy to install, program and operate and it uses 4 size AA batteries. It also boasts of the latest smartkey re-keying technology as a back-up keyway system. The single cylinder deadbolt is locked and unlocked with the key or keypad from outside and a turn button from inside. The satin nickel finish lends an elegant, crisp and modern feel to the lock.


The lock has a significantly reduced interior size, a tamper-resistant cover and effective code management system that require a master code. This means the buyer can give secure codes to authorized users-and can easily add or remove these temporary codes as needed.

The lock also features a z-wave controller which is web-enabled and the user can, from a remote location, check if the door is locked or not. The user can also remotely unlock or lock the door and receive an email alert when somebody unlocks the door. Using the motorized deadbolt you can give access or lock the door as you like.The side locking technology, which is patented, offers enhanced security against anybody trying to bump the lock to gain access. The smartkey feature enables the owner to easily and quickly re-key the lock so it works with a different key. This makes it easy to change keys for extra security or to have all the locks in the house use the same key.

Other features include:
•Easy installation with only a screwdriver, and no hard wiring required.
•No screw-holes required and easily fits in normal (standard) doors.
•30 security codes support, using 4 to 8 digits.
•Motorized deadbolt with tapered design which retracts and extends on command.
•128-bit encryption for enhanced security.
•Auto-relock feature which can be turned on and off.
•All metal lock,BHMA grade 2 certification for durability and security.
•20-minute fire resistance UL rating.

•It operates as advertised and the z-wave technology is very effective and easily integrable with other security systems.
•It has attractive and elegant finish
•It is a highly reliable lock
•It is highly customizable with many programmable codes which make it highly convenient.
•It has a lifetime warranty for the mechanical operations and finishing and a one year warranty for electronic operations.

•The cable that goes through the door is a bit long and needs some effort to tuck it in properly.
•Battery replacement requires the user to remove screws.
•For users who lock and unlock often, the batteries will need constant replacement.
•The user must follow instructions keenly for proper installation and programming.
•It needs an internet connection for proper operation.


This is an excellent lock that is sturdy and easy to install, customize and integrate with other home security systems. It is designed by a leader in the residential security industry and backed by top-notch customer support which makes it reliable and highly effective.

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