Kwikset 912 SmartCode Electronic with Tustin Lever Review 2016

Kwikset 912 SmartCode Electronic Tustin Lever featuring SmartKey and Z-Wave

Kwikset has achieved a good name for superior security features, stylish designs, and innovation. Kwikset 912 SmartCode Electronic with Tustin Lever is one of the excellent and reliable products of Kwikset. It is affordable, outstanding and a Z-waved enabled door locking system. It is considered one of the best home automated lock in this industry. It comes with many developed features such as more than four passcodes and alarms. You can also access it from a remote place. If you want, you can also disable the codes through the mobile phone to avoid any security threat.

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Its sleek design can enhance the interior of any kind of home. By this lock, you can lock your home, office, and store without worrying about the key. In fact, you can change the code even without touching it from a remote place. It is safe and secure.

Features of the Kwikset 912 SmartCode Electronic with Tustin Lever

It has come with many developed features and specifications such as internet connectivity, remote control system, and automatic locking system after thirty seconds, and alarms.

• It comes with an easy installation system. You can do it on your own without any experience. It will take maximum forty minutes. In the case of any difficulty, you can follow the installation guide. You can install it by the use of a screwdriver only.

• You can use it on exterior doors where the security is the utmost priority

• It is enabled by Z-wave home automation technology

• It comes with a SmartKey technology

• It comes with an adjustable latch that fits almost all the standard doors

• It requires 4 AA batteries that you need to buy separately

• You can lock your door by touch itself

• It comes with back-lit keypad for the visibility

• It automatically locks after thirty seconds

• It comes with an installation guide


• It comes with an easy installation system. It does not require any wiring. You can remotely access it with the internet connection.

• You can check the door lock status remotely through the internet connection

• It offers lifetime warranty on mechanical components

• It comes with one-year warranty on electronics

• It comes with an alarm system. You can get an email alert if you some tries to enter the wrong pin repeatedly

• This lock is a perfect solution for storage room, home, office, and interior garage door where the security is main concern

• It locks automatically after thirty seconds. So, you do not need to be worried about the security of your home

• You do not need any key to open or close your door

• It is affordable and durable

• It comes with SmartKey technology. By this system, you can re-key yourself in a few seconds with three easy steps


• It is not that effective without Z-wave

• You will have to pay extra for the internet connection

• Yo will have to buy the 4AA batteries separately

• It is a bit noisy

Kwikset 912 SmartCode Electronic with Tustin Lever comes in outstanding and impressive designs with a variety of finishes. It can enhance the beauty of any kind of home interior. Moreover, it is affordable and durable. Buy this product to secure your home and to control the accession remotely.

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