Kwikset 910 Venetian Bronze SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt Review 2016

Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Venetian Bronze

The Kwikset 910 Venetian Bronze Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt is a high performance door lock system that can allow for wireless communication with other devices at home while the homeowner is far away. This means that a door can get to be remotely locked, unlocked, give way for the door lock/unlock status be checked; all these being done remotely. Kwikset eliminates any need for keys, operates on highly efficient batteries and the convenience offered is what every homeowner is always on the lookout for.

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To switch this smart tool into its high performance status; the Kwikset 910 Venetian Bronze Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt features some truly unique characteristics which are hard to get by for any tool within its category. This ensures that every time the homeowner is away; everything is kept safe as the gate pass to any room is well dealt with. Among some of the superb features that this deadbolt boasts of include;

******For increased strength as well as security there are smart cylinders which feature some really unique racks, pins and side locking bar. This implies that any security breach is hard to get by and thus maximum guarantee for protection.

******The deadbolt’s latch is motor driven and this is what actually allows for superb locking ad unlocking of the door. These two operations can be efficiently done as the response for either operation is really fast and to the point.

******The side locking features a highly reputable patented technology and the beauty behind this is that maximum security is offered for protection against bumping of lock as well as attack techniques which are used to overcome the conventional tumbler and pin locks.

******The mechanical finish is also superb and gives a smooth feel which is hard to get by for the conventional locks. The featured 1 year warranty also implies that in case of any doubt concerning functionalities offered by the deadbolt; there is always a replacement to improve the security performance.


The Kwikset 910 Venetian Bronze Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt is really easy to use as it comes with easy to follow troubleshooting and programming guides. The installation guide as well as other parameters is well set out so as to transfer much of the confidence regarding security needs to hands of the owner. For even increased security; the access codes are much easier to program and the smart re-key process allows for entry to be gained in seconds provide the right codes are used.

It is easy to control as to who may have access to a home. This is made possible by assigning a temporary code to anybody who might be in need or urgent access and after that the given code can be deleted. The weight as well as the dimensions is just right to ensure that a perfect fit is achieved for any door that this deadbolt is installed.


There is little to be talked about concerning any downside that this door tool may have. The only real observation that has been made is battery power which runs out very quickly if the auto lock is on. This however shouldn’t be much of a worry as there is a recharge option to get the Kwikset back on track.

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