August Smart Lock Keyless Review 2016

August Smart Lock Keyless Home Entry with Your Smartphone

With the holidays fast approaching, robbers are alert to your wish list. They are so much interested in your gifts as much as you are, since they are busy scheming on how to steal them from and get them free. They may think they are smart, unfortunately for them there is a new sheriff in town, August smart key.

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Smart door locks are some of the nicest of smart home comforts. These locks can automatically detect homeowner’s presence via the Bluetooth connection in your smart-phone (or a Bluetooth key fob) and effortlessly unlock the front door for you! And this is where the August smart key comes in. Today, nearly all electronic devices are being outfitted with Bluetooth chips. This technology allows the devices to communicate with each other. In those regards the August smart lock is equipped with a Bluetooth chip that enables it to communicate with your android and iOS devices.

Basically, this smart lock will make your smartphone a smart key, and more. Apart from locking and unlocking your door, the lock allows you to create virtual keys that you can send to your guests and will only work during the times that you specify. Here are some of the best selling features that come with the August smart lock:

Powered by Four AA Batteries

With this smart lock you will not have to worry about power black outs. This mainly because, August door lock is also powered by four AA batteries to ensure that it is always on. Even better, the lock can send your phone low battery alerts when appropriate.

Auto-lock and Auto Unlock

No more fumbling for keys. The lock is intelligent enough to know when you are approaching or leaving, knowing not to unlock you door if you are passing by it inside your house.

Easy Install

The lock comes with an installation guide and needs no lock-related skill at all to put it in place. It replaces the interior of your existing deadbolt leaving the exterior hardware unchanged. The whole process will take you about 10 minutes.

24/7 Activity Log

August smart lock keeps track of whoever enters and exits your house. This is made possible by the unique key for each user. You will always know who opened your door and at what time.


-Nothing to connect or wire since it is battery operated

-August smart lock does not replace your whole lock system

-User friendly interface makes using the app an amazing experience

-Highly secure LEB (Low Energy Bluetooth). Batteries may last up to a year


-August Smart Lock only connects via Bluetooth Low Energy. Therefore, the only way you can control it remotely is by purchasing and connecting it to an August Connect.

-The app takes too long to find and connect with the lock


If you want to feel like you are living in the future while at the same time ensuring maximum security of your premises, I cannot recommend a product more emphatically. The lock may not be the first smart lock, there have been myriad other attempts, however August Smart Lock has been the most efficient, dependable smart lock so far.

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